Choosing Dental Implants – What Are The Benefits?

Choosing to have dental implants can be quite a big decision for many people. After all treatment is likely to be a little more expensive than alternative methods of tooth replacement, and you want to be sure you’re making the right choice. In fact there are numerous benefits of choosing this type of tooth replacement over the alternatives, and even though the initial outlay could be a little more, it can prove to be an economical decision in the longer term.

Dental Implants BasingstokeAccording to the American Dental Association, a dental bridge will last an average of 10 years, but clinical studies have shown that implants can be more than 95% successful for in excess of 20 years. When you take these figures into account, dental implants can become a more financially attractive choice. It’s possible a well-cared for dental implant could even last for life, providing you with a stable and natural looking tooth replacement.

In addition, properly planned and placed dental implants help ensure your cheeks and lips are properly supported, preserving the integrity of your facial structures. Your smile will be restored as naturally as possible, and dental implants will not impact the long-term health of adjacent teeth. This last point is particularly important as this is the only method of tooth replacement that can make that claim.

If you choose to have a dental bridge, the teeth either side of the missing tooth will need to be ground down in order to make room for crowns that will support the bridge tooth. Unless these teeth are already decayed and broken down and could really benefit from being crowned, there’s a chance your dentist in Basingstoke will have to remove healthy tooth structure that can only ever be replaced artificially. If you opt for a partial denture, it will be held in place using clasps around existing teeth. Quite often these teeth will need to be modified in some way to help support the clasps and to give better retention.

Even though bridges and partial dentures can look pretty good, they are unlikely to appear as realistic as dental implant crowns. Dental implants in Basingstoke can be designed in such a way that it emerges from the gum tissue in the same way as a natural tooth, and it would be very difficult for anyone to tell the difference. It’s also pretty easy to just floss and brush around an implant crown rather than bother with the hassle of cleaning underneath a dental bridge, or needing to take out a partial denture before cleaning and soaking it. You’ll also be able to use the implant crown exactly like a natural tooth, and won’t have to put up with any diet restrictions. This makes it easier to ensure you have a nutritionally balanced diet, which in turn can help protect your general health.

One thing to remember is that dental implants take several months to complete which is a little longer than the alternatives. However it’s best to take a longer-term view about this treatment when considering all your options.