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CT Scan

CT Scan X-Ray

In recent years, dental technology has moved forward dramatically. CT scans were once the job of hospitals: large, loud and cumbersome machines. Did you know that you could get a CT scan in our very own dental practice? CT Scans are used in dental treatments to ensure accuracy for dental implants and give the highest chance of success due to a high level of detail and an ability to plot implant location. Here's how it works:

  • A low level of radiation is emitted to take a very detailed 3D x-ray of your mouth.
  • The resulting image is uploaded to a software program to precisely plot where implants will be placed in your mouth.
  • Implant placement is executed with absolute certainty of success.

The foundation of successful implant dentistry is the use of the best diagnostic tools available, and CT scanning represents the gold standard for dental imaging. Ask us today about our CT scans and how they can benefit you.