Dental Implants – Top 10 Reasons to Choose Them

Dental Implants BasingstokeIf you’re faced with tooth loss, and are considering ways of replacing them, you’ll probably be considering several different options. The cheapest is to use dentures, while the most expensive (in the shorter term) is to choose dental implants in Basingstoke, so why should you opt for the latter? There are numerous benefits to dental implants, but the top ten reasons are listed below.

  1. Better quality of life. Dental implants are the closest thing to growing your own teeth, and are used to support strong, stable replacement teeth that look incredibly natural and which provide the best aesthetic results. There won’t be any concerns over dentures that move around and you’ll be able to eat and talk normally.
  2. Implants help preserve your facial structure. When you lose teeth the dimensions of your face will begin to change. Natural teeth support the cheeks and lips, and dental implants replicate this so your facial structure is maintained.
  3. Dental implants give the best cosmetic results. Your dentist in Basingstoke will place the dental implants to give optimal results so they look and feel incredibly natural, just like real teeth, only perhaps rather better looking than old or broken down teeth.
  4. Dental implants don’t impact adjacent teeth. Dental implants won’t negatively affect the health of adjacent teeth. Instead, they’ll help ensure all your teeth remain in the correct positions so they bite together properly.
  5. Dental implants are easy to look after. You’ll need to take care to floss and brush around your dental implants to keep them free from plaque, but they should be very easy to take care of. In comparison it can be a hassle to thoroughly clean dentures and it’s very easy for food to become trapped underneath them.
  6. Dental implants are incredibly stable. The implant post replicates a natural tooth root so it’s extremely stable. This means you can live life to the full without being worried about dentures moving around while you eat or talk.
  7. Better nutrition and overall health. Anyone with dentures will know it’s tricky to eat certain foods, and missing or unstable teeth can make it difficult to chew food properly. You’ll be able to eat a wider range of foods and will find it easy to chew them thoroughly before swallowing, aiding digestion and improving nutrition and overall health.
  8. Improved self-confidence and self-esteem. Having teeth that look and feel great, and which are problem free can be a huge boost to self-confidence and self-esteem.
  9. Eating is more enjoyable. Strong, stable teeth that function properly make it much easier to eat. If you use dental implants to replace an upper denture, you’ll immediately notice food tastes much better as the roof of your mouth will no longer be covered up, and it contains thousands of taste buds.
  10. Treatment is long-lasting. Dental implants are not the cheapest way to replace teeth, but they should last the longest. A recent study showed dental implants to be more cost effective in the longer term, not to mention all the other benefits listed above.