What Is ‘All On Four’ And How Can It Help Me?

‘All on four’ is a very special implant technique which you might also hear called ‘same-day smiles’ or ‘same-day teeth.’ It’s a method to completely replace a traditional full denture with a brand-new denture or bridge that is firmly held in position with dental implants. Treatment is completed in just one day, and only four dental implants are required to support a complete arch of teeth.

Dental Implants BasingstokeTried and Tested Technique

This technique was originally developed in the 1990s by a Portuguese implant dentist called Dr Paulo Malo who collaborated with one of the world’s top dental implant manufacturers, Nobel Biocare. Since then it’s been widely used with great success and has been the subject of extensive clinical research so you can rest assured this technique is completely safe. The results can be pretty remarkable, restoring a mouth using high-quality teeth, and quite possibly avoiding the need for bone grafts which might otherwise have been required with more traditional implant techniques. It’s a very effective and immediate way of replacing missing teeth. This particular solution isn’t offered by all implantologists as it does require additional skills and technology.

Book a Consultation to Find out More

If you are fed up with wearing loose and ill-fitting dentures it is probably worth consulting your dentist in Basingstoke. You’ll need to have a proper evaluation to determine if this technique will be successful. Your dentist will discuss all aspects of treatment, and will need to know your medical history. Various diagnostic texts including x-rays and a CT scan will help measure the density of bone in your jaw. Treatment planning is highly specialised and identifies the exact locations for implant placement according to the available bone and anatomy of your jaw.

What Makes This Treatment so Successful?

The success of this treatment lies in the way the implants are placed as it’s quite different from other systems. The first two dental implants are inserted towards the front of your mouth in a vertical position. The next two are inserted either side at a 45° angle towards the back of your jaw. The reason they are angled in this way is to help maximise use of bone through placing dental implants that are slightly longer and which will be more stable. This ensures more of the bone comes into contact with the dental implants, increasing their strength and stability. Once the arch of replacement teeth is anchored in position, it has the effect of securing all the dental implants together, increasing their strength even more. The use of just four dental implants ensures the entire procedure is less invasive, less time-consuming and more affordable than using traditional dental implants right throughout the jaw.

You’ll leave the dental surgery with a complete set of teeth firmly in position, but it’s important to note these are temporary and are used while the dental implants fully integrate with the bone. This is a process where new bone cells grow on and around the dental implants, ensuring they are firmly fused into the bone. This process is called osseointegration and takes several months to occur. Once your dentist is satisfied your implants are completely integrated, your permanent teeth will be constructed. The final result should be strong, beautiful, perfectly fitting teeth that look entirely natural.